Lisa's Amsterdam Adventures

Lisa's Amsterdam Adventures

Lisa's Amsterdam Adventures

03 Sep 2019 Travel Stories

Amsterdam here I come!!

I was sad to say goodbye to my relatives but had to make the move onto my next destination, Amsterdam. The train from London was great and only took 4.5 hours on the direct service.

Arriving to a sea of bicycles was very daunting trying to manoeuvre my walking to my hotel , we the pedestrians have to give way to the bikes or risk having handlebars in places you wouldn’t want them!!

After checking into my hotel I wandered the streets to familiarise myself with the surroundings. I was in a great location and easily walked down Damrak Avenue, the main street of the city centre.

Lined with cafes, restaurants and shops this area has little alleyways that veer off to the next street also full of shops, cafes and restaurants! There is no shortge of places to eat, drink or shop here that is for sure! Amsterdam is known for pancakes; (among other things) I had the best one of my life here.

I discovered an exhibition called Bodyworlds which was fascinating! Warning some of these pics ( and yes I took a few) may not be for everyone. It’s 6 floors of the human body and tells the story of our life from embryo to adulthood and death. It was fascinating The bodies used are real and been preserved through the process of plastination. If you are interested in reading more about this

Hint: stay in the area near Damark for a true feel of Amsterdam and walk the streets to see the sights. Oh and watch where you are going at all times!!



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